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Old 02-10-2006, 03:06 PM
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Default 5 Things You Didn't Know About...

The Awesome Aussie Adventure !!!!!!


# 1 This is **NOT** a competition !!
ANYONE and EVERYONE can qualify - if you send the joins, you and your partner are coming downunder, NO question. If 1 person qualifies or if 100 people qualify, EVERY qualifier and their partners come on the trip !!

# 2 Is the trip for 2 for Qualifiers "All Expenses" Paid ?
Apart from personal expenses, additional partying, a couple of lunches and some of the optional extras, EVERYTHING is included. Airfares, limos, 4/5 star accomodation every night, dinner and drinks every night at some amazing restaurants, ALL tours and events and fun things we are doing, the fucking lot !!! All you and your partner need to do is get yourself to your nearest airport your end - we do the rest !!!

# 3 Is this all a big gay thing ?
NO. CuriousToyBoy and CuriousTim are the tour guides. One is straight, one is gay (debatable at times which is which). EVERY nuance is catered for - around the events we already have planned, if you want to party, we'll party, if you want to see a museum, we'll take you to one, if you want to sleep, CuriousTim will tuck you in !!!! he he he. Seriously, this is a full-on 13 days of fun and excitement while you get to see the real Australia. Really does not get much better than that.

# 4 Has ignored it's smaller webmasters by doing this promotion ?
Absolutely not. Sure, the group of webmasters who have 13 joins a day to throw at this is not a huge group, but at the same time the has dropped it's voulme requirements for extra revshare bonuses from 50 joins a month to 20 and dumped in over 2500 exclusive and original promo pics for smaller webmasters to go to towm with. This promotion is aimed at the higher end of town, no question, but there ARE people in this biz who buy an IPod or PsP if they want one, and we wanted to give those at that level something "out of the box" as a reward. Besides, if gives smaller webmasters a taste of the additional benefits that become available to them if they work hard enough for long enough to be able to move up the ladder of success.

# 5 So what does this cost me in terms of less money for my joins and rebills ?
NOT A DAMN THING !! This promotion is a REWARD for performance - whoever performs gets the reward. EVERYONE gets paid at the usual level, INCLUDING any higher revshare percentages they are due for volume of joins sent. THIS IS OUR WAY OF THANKING THOSE WHO WANT TO SUPPORT US AT THIS LEVEL. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you have ANY questions, shoot an email back to or hit him up on ICQ #293070684, on MSN, GMM Toy Boy on AOL or GMMtoyboy on Yahoo.

Remember, Full details of the CURIOUSCASH AWESOME AUSSIE ADVENTURE can be got by CLICKING HERE

Dating - Escorts - Solo Girl - Straight Niches - Celebrity - Gay/Bi/Curious - Exit/404
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