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Old 06-11-2013, 01:08 AM
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Default To clarify what AdultSiteCMS is and isn't.

AdultsiteCMS version 4.0 is NOT a plugin but a complete software package that is bonded to Wordpress. Imagine a tool that's been added with another new tool to create a distinct new animal.

AdultSiteCMS version 4.0 uses the latest php technology in order to make it simple and easy for you to add content to your site. Webmmasters can customize it anyway you want.

In this case, the members folder of the software might be WordPress for instance. But the tour folder is completely customized. Our system works with the WordPress databas thereby allowing management of tour content from WordPress. However, CMS4 /tour DOES NOT work with Plugins unless you custom develop them into the tour PHP pages to work. Also, WordPress remains the same 99% in the /members folder. Its creators adhere to GPL rules while allowing webmasters to add any plugin they want

As Wordpress is a continually improving software, we upgrade AdultsiteCMS each time WordPress makes an update but DO NOT release unless the new version is stable.

AdultsiteCMS can easily be installed on one's server. Customers will need to have a hosting account. AdultsiteCMS can run on a shared hosting environment.

AdultsiteCMS does NOT control in any way the membership management. In order to integrate a biller, the subscribing webmaster simply protects the members folder with an access code like any other site, usually with some kind of .htaccess method.

But like most other software, AdultSiteCMS needs the following to work:

* VPS or Dedicated Linux or FreeBSD server
* FTP or SFTP access Ability to set permissions to files and folders
* PHP 5.0 or higher (Inquire about versions which can work on PHP 4.0-4.9)
* MySQL 3.23 or higher
* Apache 1.3 or higher

Php Safe Mode (off) must be able to be switched off. Access to Root to change PHP.ini file or Control Panel to change Safe mode to off.

A demo page (www.adultsitecms.com/demo/) has been created to show how the new version looks. The site also details the features of the software in full.

************************************************** ********
We are also looking for content that we can lease to customers using our CMS. Do drop us a line if you have gay or straight content of various niches.
************************************************** ********

For inquiries and orders, please contact us through the following:
Tel: 818.276.1792
ICQ: 433-857-869
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