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Old 08-28-2017, 01:01 PM
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Spin Star Check Out CrakRevenue's Gay Smartlinks!

Make Finding the Best Ads for Your Traffic Easier with CrakRevenue’s Gay Smartlinks

Got traffic but not sure how to monetize it? With the vast abundance of offers available for promotion, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed by all the various payout types and offer restrictions that come with different offers.

And if you have Gay traffic — Gay traffic spans multiple verticals. It’s not a monolithic block, one offer could work perfectly for one user but leaves others unsatisfied. And there’s nothing worse than geo restrictions - leading your user to end up on a fallback offer - which could have your targeted gay traffic seeing offers that don’t apply to your traffic niche (i.e., hardcore STRAIGHT).

Nothing keeps conversions at bay more than non-relevant ads.

With time and experience, you will see some patterns. You will have tried and tested a bunch of different offers and you will know which one works best. But this can take extensive time and A/B testing.

And let’s be honest, money can trickle down a bit in the testing process. Until you reach your desired cruising speed, your budget will be tight.

Make your life easier

One great way to accelerate that testing process is by sending traffic to CrakRevenue’s Gay Smartlinks. This tool, which was launched June of 2017, has already proven its efficiency with affiliates.

CrakRevenue’s line of Smartlinks are a powerful tool and a signature, exclusive feature of CPA network CrakRevenue. Smartlinks are all-in-one links that contain a mix of offers. These offers are cherry-picked offers with the best overall EPC by our in-house team.

After the first release of Crak’s Smartlinks, these links have been optimized every day, personalized by geo, vertical and device. By examining which offer works best with different types of traffic, the bucket of offers is adjusted. Our stats already show a steady increase of 50% each month for affiliates who use this all-in-one solution.

“Traffic sources vary considerably from one traffic source to the next. There’s a tremendous number of factors that are in play at all times so that’s why we have to optimize our offers constantly for anyone that is not an expert,” explains Marc Tessier, a Media Buyer at CrakRevenue responsible for the network’s Smartlinks.

“Without a doubt, Smartlinks are the best way to make the most out of our offers. It’s definitely less time-consuming,” adds Tessier.
The Media Buyer also says there’s other advantages to using these all-in-one links. “Certain providers offer payout bumps on select offers, and in many cases, this payout bump is only eligible on offers via Crak’s Smartlink,” says Tessier.

No lost traffic

With the Gay Smartlink, no user is lost. You won’t have any bad surprises — like an offer that isn’t relevant to a gay user; or a Japanese-only offer shown to a French user. It’s a set and forget tool that ensures no traffic is lost.

Naturally, the Smartlink also guarantees that the offer adapts to the device your user is using, whether your user is on a Desktop, Mobile device or tablet.

Covering multiple verticals such as Paysites, Cams and Dating — CrakRevenue Smartlinks are the only all-in-one links that contain exclusive Cam offers such as Gay Cams Exposed, Jizz Roulette and Live Guys 4 Free.

Other uses of Smartlinks

For those who prefer to cherry-pick their offers, Smartlinks can also be a way to reduce the amount of split testing that is sometimes required.

“We don’t say that choosing your offer yourself won’t result in better conversions. but it can be way more time-consuming, especially for beginners,” reminds Tessier.

One good way to improve your conversions after assessing results with the CrakRevenue Smartlink is to use this tool to A/B Test with one of your top offers and see which one gets the best results.

More times than not—the Smartlink wins, hands down—all while saving you more time and money!
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