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Old 04-29-2010, 03:19 AM
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OMFG! Gay Affiliate Marketing News! TwinkPay Update - New DoctorTwink.Com Promo Tools

Hello TwinkPay.Com Affiliates!

Welcome to the latest edition of the TwinkPay newsletter. A juicy week to all of you. Our good friend Doctor Twink just made a visit to his favorite men in uniform and gave one of them a much needed check-up. These videos and pictures will surely captivate your surfer's imagination. And as the TwinkPay saying goes - "With Great Promo Tools Comes Great Money!"

You can find TwinkPay's RSS Feeds with daily updates in the Tools section:

As always, should you need any help with your promotion, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Matt Gazin
Affiliate Manager
icq# 587-790-275


Dr. Twink Visits the Barracks
Inspecting the tight holes and hot, hardened bodies of soldiers is one of Dr. Twink's favorite treats, and he gets his fill with Private William, a sturdy camouflaged twink who needs some special treatment. After having his blood pressure taken, William's balls are closely inspected with foreceps, and the good doctor Albert probes his soldier's ass before having a taste of William's juicy meat. The twinks march to the bed where they enjoy a slow 69 session, getting firm and frisky for the risky behavior ahead.



Embedded FLV, click here for the embed code:

ZIP download with images, WMV and Flash video and description:

Doing the Deed of Duty
Albert slowly undresses William from the waist down, trying out the rough rubber soles of William's combat boots against his tender cock before sliding them off and freeing his lover from his camo pants. The pair kiss and stroke each other before Albert slides into the soldier's warm and welcoming boycunt. Albert pumps into William with solid thrusts fit for a hardened Private, mixing up the angles while the camera gets an eyeful of the action. After climbing on top and fucking himself bareback on Albert's enthusiastic dick, William bends over and takes it from behind as the pair stand and grind.



Embedded FLV, click here for the embed code:

ZIP download with images, WMV and Flash video and description:

Sexy Service
William gets a bit of corporal punishment as Albert leisurely spanks his coconut buns and rams him from beneath. Pulling out, Albert's cock is treated to tongue detail in William's hot mouth, all while the muscular soldier takes in a big veined dildo. Albert moves to stroke and caress William's cock until it's time for more anal sex boot camp. The camera zooms in on the steamy view as Albert works his cock back into a frenzy in and out of William's sweet love tunnel. The twinks gasp and suck in air as they focus on the rectal workout.



Embedded FLV, click here for the embed code:

ZIP download with images, WMV and Flash video and description:

Fighting to the Finish
Soldier boy William takes a bite into the leather of his boot as Albert pounds his gaping manhole. Albert keeps his twink's mouth in a better position by fitting it with a Jennings gag, leaving his soft tongue available and waiting for Albert's spurting cock head as it shoots out streams of jizz while Albert's body shudders in orgasm. Lying side by side, the twinks relax while William strokes himself and adds his own explosion of boy-juice to the session. Kissing passionately, the twinks drink in the pleasure of the military life.



Embedded FLV, click here for the embed code:

ZIP download with images, WMV and Flash video and description:

New Site at TwinkPay - www.DoctorTwink.mobi
icq# 587790275
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