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Old 05-24-2005, 10:04 PM
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Thumbs up The Begining of asp Tutorials

I want to start off with some simple things is Microsoft active server pages or known as "asp" this would be a web page with the extension .asp

Example would be mypage.asp

More of an exaplanation on what asp is can be found here:


To run asp scripts you must be on a windows server at least windows NT with IIS installed on it, that would be considered asp 2.0 anything higher would be IIS 5.0 which is server 2000, IIS 5.1 which is windows XP server and IIS 6.0 which is windows server 2003.

To see if you can run asp scripts you can create a new page in Dreamweaver, Frontpage or adobe go live and name it what what ever you like.

In your page in code view simply type in the body of the page:

<% response.write("hello world")%>

Brief Explanation of the response.write built in asp Function

<% this is the begining of the server side tag

%> this is the end of the server side tag

response.write this is a built in asp function

("hello world") this is what you want the function to out put.


If what you get back is simply hello world displaying on the page then you know you run asp scripts.

If you view the source of the page you will notice that all you see is hello world and not,

<% response.write("hello world")%>

this is because the server executed the script then out put only the HTML.

We have just looked at a very simple thing in asp but also very powerful when writing asp scripts.

In the next Tutorial we will examine some other built in items of asp and what they can do for you when writing asp scripts.


The BadAssBadBoy



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