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Default Flowplayer Ads WordPress Plugin (PreRoll, PostRoll, HTML Popup Overlays) Released

Flowplayer Ads WordPress Plugin

Create Advertisements in Flowplayer 5 Video Player for WordPress. Ad types include, Pre-Roll, Post-Roll and Overlays (onStart, onPause, onFinish and cuepoints).

Video Ads

Pre-Roll – Video ad that plays before the featured video plays.

Post-Roll – Video ad that plays after the featured video has played.

Overlay Ads

Any ad code (IFRAME, HTML, JavaScript) can be set to fire on the following events:

onStart – Ad shows when video is loaded.

onPause – Ad shows when video is paused.

onFinish – Ad shows when video is finished playing.

onCuepoints – Ad shows on specified points (seconds into video)

Free updates for 1 year.

Free email support for 1 year.

Flowplayer Ads WordPress Plugin
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