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09-09-2009, 12:28 PM
It almost goes without saying that the internet adult industry has been feeling the sting of the recession since last year. With profits plummeting and the threat of tube sites worsening the situation, the country's porn entrepreneurs must face changes that is, again, making them rethink how to do business. Things may appear to be bleak. But one thing that the internet porn industry is known for is their cockroach resiliency, determination and use of innovation. Now is the time when enterprising players roll with the punches and adapt with the times. Even though they now have to pinch pennies and reconsider a more conservative approach, porn purveyors are finding new avenues for profitability that has never been done before. One such avenue is simplifying the platform of where content is shown. And as so far as this kind of innovation is concerned, AdultSiteCMS has been paving the way for a viable and leveraging technology.

AdultSiteCMS is the very first Wordpress bonded software that has many features designed to streamline and simplify the day-to-day operations of the adult webmaster. Primarily marketed towards use in small- and average-scale adult paysites, the content management software is designed for cost-efficiency and well-nigh savings. AdultSiteCMS has been the brainchild of Adult Digital Solutions (ADS) and its partners headed by Francis Orto.

"If one views the features of the CMS, a lot of the features are all cost-saving," reveals Orto in a recent interview,"and it improves operational efficiencies." Cost-wise, AdultSiteCMS is a broadly economical CMS that can be bought under $300. Unlike other CMS, working the software does not require a full time team to maintain the site. The software uses basic PHP theme based technology which an experienced webmaster can mold to their specsifications. The CMS can support multi-level administration. It can be customized easily with no extra fee as variations can be based on millions of themes available in Wordpress. Installation of the software is but a quick one minute. AdultSiteCMS also has comprehensible and immediate administrative functions that does not require highly specialized skill or tedious manual operations. It even employs Flash videos that help prevent piracy and supports languages. The license to use the software has no limit, though a bought copy cannot be replicated. Besides the CMS' own features, AdultSiteCMS also has the power and simplicity of Wordpress to back it up. However, AdultsiteCMS has strong and carefully-built security features that make hacking difficult.

Customer support is also solid as a whole team (with Orto assisting occasionally) field questions and troubleshoot any software and hardware problems. ADS even provides billing integration courtesy of its subsidiary Integration Mind. A service that to their surprise has been a most requested one.

Another attractive feature about AdultSiteCMS is its hosting flexibility. As servers keep content online, and have it stay there, the software gives the webmaster with a small budget a choice for using either shared or dedicated hosting. The CMS actually even helps them smooth the transition from going dedicated to shared, or vice versa.

"In essence, AdultSiteCMS saves you precious time and money to help keep your business flowing, without the bigger demands other CMS have been known to do,' adds Orto, "As the new version of AdultSiteCMS is waiting in the wings, the current software is helping make webmasters do better business decisions by creating simpler and more cost-saving ways to show and market their content. AdultSiteCMS is the software made to respond to the challenges of the times, and there is no better way to start than by using it."

Online demos have been posted in various adult webmaster massage boards to show the convenience of the software. Interested parties can also view all the demos at http://www.AdultSiteCMS.com.

For more information, send queries at adultsitecms @ gmail.com or hit ADS through ICQ: 433-857-869. Webmasters can also signup to the AdultsiteCMS affiliate program using this link - https://www.adultsitecms.com/affilia...?action=signup